Out of Office

What People Say

Ian Berry“For 15 of the past 20 years I have worked from a home office and consider myself highly productive, however nowhere near as productive as I am going to become as I implement the many great ideas in this book as a part of my daily practice.”
– Ian Berry, The Change Master, Author of Changing What’s Normal

Ian Hutchinson“Out of Office is an easy practical read that really cuts to the chase on quick win solutions. Gihan is always on the cutting edge of making my life easier via the internet – this book is just another wonderful way of him helping me leverage my time better. If you are not going to read this book you aren’t serious about having a better life and business!”
– Ian Hutchinson, Chief Engagement Officer (CEO), LifebyDesign.com.au

Geoff McDonald“I’m an e-worker bordering on digital nomad already. Here’s what I learned and loved about this book: How to stay on top of your email – my ongoing nemesis! … A planning section to implement what I learned. I now have a checklist to implement for my trip … An overview of what you need to consider from internet connectivity to security and backing up your precious files. A worthy reminder!”
– Geoff McDonald, The Ideas Architect, GeoffMcDonald.com (Read Geoff’s full review here)