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Commuting Disproportionately Affects Working Women

One of the most obvious and immediate benefits of working Out Of Office is that it eliminates commuting. This can be particularly beneficial for working women. Several studies have shown that commuting limits and stresses women more than it does men, primarily because women usually take on a greater share of household tasks. This article summarizes the issue:

Commuting, for women, gets added to an already heavy workload that often includes child care and the majority of day-to-day household tasks

Eliminating or reducing the daily commute helps alleviate the problem. Or you could share household tasks more equitably.

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Dame “Steve” Shirley – an Out Of Office entrepreneur and pioneer

Many people think telecommuting is a relatively recent phenomenon that has come about as a result of the development of the Internet. It’s true that the Internet has made working Out Of Office possible for millions of people but telecommuting was there at the birth of the IT industry thanks to the revolutionary ideas of Dame Stephanie “Steve” Shirley.

Way back in 1962 Dame Shirley formed a software company that employed women programmers working from home. Dame Shirley grew her company to be worth hundreds of millions of pounds. She has since given away much of her wealth to become one of Britain’s most generous philanthropists.

You can read more about Dame Shirley’s amazing life in her recently published book Let IT Go. For a preview listen to Prof. Mark Dodgson’s biography.