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New Google Docs Features Make Out Of Office Work Easier

Google Docs is an indispensable tool for many Out Of Office workers – and it just got better. Google recently announced a new set of improvements that make Docs more useful and powerful. These include:

  • the Research tool allows you to perform Google searches directly from Docs making it easier to include content from your search results
  • Voice Typing allows you to dictate content into documents
  • See New Changes shows you modifications made to a document by your collaborators
  • new Templates offer a wider range of document designs
  • the Explore feature automatically generates charts from your spreadsheets

And that’s just the start – read Google’s announcement in full.

Use HiTask for managing your ToDo list and much more

I’ve been using HiTask for three weeks and it’s become central to my work flow. It has a simple user interface that allows you to organise all of your tasks in one place that’s accessible from your desktop, tablet and smartphone.

You can organise your tasks by project, date and assignee. I particularly like the ability to break down tasks into separate sub-tasks. HiTask also allows teams to coordinate their work on collaborative projects but I’ve not yet used this feature.

The video below provides an overview of the tool. If you like what you see then try it out.


VideoconferencingVideoconferencing has come of age, and it’s now a feasible, attractive and sometimes even preferable option for bringing people together. Let’s look at the pros and cons, tools and principles for making it work.

Listen to the episode here:

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Additional resources:

Arthur C. Clarke Predicted Telecommuting in 1964


Nine Focus Enhancement Tools

The folks at IT World have published an article by Robert Strohmeyer that provides nine tech-tools to help you improve your focus and eliminate distractions. The tools are grouped under five headings:

  1. Silence Your Email
  2. Declutter Windows
  3. Distraction Free Word Processor
  4. Browse Full Screen
  5. Time Yourself

The first and last of these we cover in our Out Of Office book. I can vouch for the Declutter Windows and Browse Full Screen techniques too. A word processor that plays white-noise soundscapes and Zen wind chimes? Not so sure about that one. Anyway, head over to IT World for more detail – it could be time well spent.

Improving Wi-Fi coverage in your home

If you’re planning to work from home, you’ll probably want the convenience of wireless Internet access. But you might be puzzled why the wireless connection is so strong in some parts of the house and so weak in others.

Lifehacker has some ideas for improving the Wi-Fi coverage in your home. Some of the ideas do need somebody with technical skills to implement, but others are fairly simple even if you don’t have these skills.