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Can Flexible Work Options Attract Top Talent?

We frequently espouse the idea that offering flexible work arrangements such as working Out Of Office helps you recruit and retain the best staff. Andrea Duke has written an article that examines this idea, and concludes:

So, when it comes to recruiting and retaining top-tier talent, throw out that laundry list of “unique” benefits and opt for those that will have a significant impact on your employees and their ability to maintain a work-life balance.

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Hiring and Managing Out Of Office Workers

The numbers of Out Of Office workers is steadily increasing worldwide, so it’s more important than ever that business leaders develop processes for hiring and managing Out Of Office workers. Sara Sutton Fell describes some of the techniques used by companies with a significant Out Of Office workforce:

  • Seek characteristics for Out Of Office work: These include self-starters, who can work independently, value continuous learning, and are receptive to feedback. Strong communication skills are particularly valuable.
  • Use a hiring process that supports working Out Of Office: Focus on the candidates’ skills and approach to work. Assess how well candidates follow instructions, ask questions and work remotely. Look for previous experience working Out Of Office.
  • Manage by goals and outcomes: Set clear targets and goals. Have regular, weekly updates that check progress against milestones and plan forward. Provide tools for planning and tracking progress and effort on projects.

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