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Jay Meistrich: How I Built a Startup While Traveling to 20 Countries

Watch the video below to learn about Jay Meistrich, a Digital Nomad who launched a tech startup while travelling to 20 countries. Jay lists four key lessons about his Digital Nomad work-style:

  • Travelling is cheaper than staying at home
  • Travelling makes me more productive
  • Nine to five is not optimal
  • Travelling expands my cultural bubble

You can read Jay’s article in full on Entrepreneur.com.

Coworking Could be an Option for Your Out of Office Work

Some (but not all) Out of Office workers struggle with the isolation and independence of working from home, without other people around them. There are many options to address this issue, and one of them is to use a “coworking space”, where many people come together to share a working space, without necessarily working together. In other words, they just share the physical space, but work independently.

Coworking is gaining popularity among business owners and entrepreneurs, who like the idea of a space where they can work independently but still have stimulating conversations with other like-minded people. But it’s also a feasible option for employees who work Out of Office, who like to work with others.

If you’re interested in this for your own work, this article “Coworking connects entrepreneurs through shared office spaces” introduces some of the basic ideas about coworking.

Mike Vardy: How To Be An Effective Road Warrior

Working while travelling is an intrinsic part of the Digital Nomad work style, so we provide lots of advice in the book on how to do so effectively and productively. Mike Vardy shares his personal tips for being an effective road warrior:

  • Travel measurably light
  • Keep running checklists
  • Set up boundaries
  • Leverage the commute

You can read Mike’s article in full on the Workshifting blog.

Dragos Roua: The 5 Fundamental Rules Of Working From Home

Digital Nomad, Dragos Roua, lists his five fundamental rules for working from home.

  • Setup a specific workspace
  • Split work into edible chunks
  • Work outside home
  • Go out
  • Thoroughly log each day

We advocate several of these ideas in our book, and have come to appreciate the benefits of the others since publication. It’s well worth reading Dragos’ article in full at Lifehack.

Three Other Out of Office Books

Three Out of Office BooksAs the Out of Office trend continues, more authors have been writing about this lifestyle. In this episode, we review three other books in this area and compare them to our book.

Listen to the episode here:

The Three Books

Do You Need a Change of Scenery?

One of my clients, Garth Roberts, posted this picture to Facebook earlier this year:

Garth In Banff

He said it was so successful that he’s planning to do it again every quarter. And he’s inspired me to go away for a similar trip (not as far as Banff, though!) to do some solid writing on my next book.

What can you do to get into the right mindset for something important? This is one of the big benefits of the Out of Office work style. So create the opportunity if you can!

20 Best Free Apps For Mobile Entrepreneurs

Mobile appsMore and more work is done on the road, either on business trips or as part of the life of a Digital Nomad. Of course, the growth of mobile technology helps enormously in allowing you to be productive when you’re away from the office.

What apps do you use regularly to stay productive on the road? My favourites include Dropbox, Evernote, and the Google suite of products (Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Drive and Maps).

Here are some more suggested by Mike Michalowicz.

On The Road (Warrior) Again

Mitch Joel, author of the Twist Image blog, has a number of tips for working on the road. These are useful for employees and digital nomads alike. Here’s a summary:

  • Always have an extra charger for everything.
  • Keep your devices as fully charged at all times as possible.
  • Ditch the briefcase, and get a nice looking knapsack or backpack.
  • Take all of your cables, chargers, headphones, adapters, USB memory sticks, dongles and more and store them in one bag.
  • Save it to the cloud.
  • Block out the world with a good pair of in-ear headphones
  • Being your own extension cord.

Smartphones use doubles in 2012

More than half of Australian adults use smartphones, and their use doubled in the year to May 2012, according to a report from the Australian Communications and Media Authority. The report, entitled “Smartphones and tablets: Take-up and use in Australia”, also found a dramatic increase in tablets.

The key infrastructure drivers for this growth include the continued rollout of mobile network upgrades, growth in 4G coverage and the increased use of WiFi hotspots.

This is particularly significant for many Out of Office workers. The obvious beneficiaries are Digital Nomads, who can now find it easier than ever before to work from anywhere. But it also applies to many other types of workers, particularly those who travel for work or commute to work.

8 Ways to Dramatically Boost Your Productivity While Traveling

Ryan O’Connell has written an interesting article, “8 Ways to Dramatically Boost Your Productivity While Traveling”. Here are his ideas (read the article for details):

  1. Queue up emails
  2. Invest in personal growth
  3. Network
  4. Take time to see the big picture
  5. Set up meetings and after-hours events
  6. Do busy work during free time
  7. Keep phone calls to a minimum
  8. Prioritize your events/meetings

Do you have any other ways to boost your productivity on the road? Share them here.

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