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5 Ways to Be Productive While Enjoying the Outdoors

One of the great things about working Out Of Office is that you can work from almost anywhere, including the great outdoors. Jennifer Parris suggests five ways you can be productive when you’re outdoors:

  • Being away from your desk can be a great way to clear your mind so you can focus a single issue
  • Similarly, uncluttering your thoughts can lead to inspirational ideas
  • When inspiration strikes, record your thoughts on your smartphone
  • Maintain connectivity to the Internet by setting up your smartphone as a mobile hotspot
  • Catch up on the latest news and developments by listening to podcasts by leaders in your area of expertise

I’d add that simply relaxing and enjoying the outdoors is a great way to recharge, and in so doing, avoid the fatigue that can sap productivity.

Read Jennifer’s article in full.

Do You Need a Change of Scenery?

One of my clients, Garth Roberts, posted this picture to Facebook earlier this year:

Garth In Banff

He said it was so successful that he’s planning to do it again every quarter. And he’s inspired me to go away for a similar trip (not as far as Banff, though!) to do some solid writing on my next book.

What can you do to get into the right mindset for something important? This is one of the big benefits of the Out of Office work style. So create the opportunity if you can!

8 Ways to Dramatically Boost Your Productivity While Traveling

Ryan O’Connell has written an interesting article, “8 Ways to Dramatically Boost Your Productivity While Traveling”. Here are his ideas (read the article for details):

  1. Queue up emails
  2. Invest in personal growth
  3. Network
  4. Take time to see the big picture
  5. Set up meetings and after-hours events
  6. Do busy work during free time
  7. Keep phone calls to a minimum
  8. Prioritize your events/meetings

Do you have any other ways to boost your productivity on the road? Share them here.

MOOCs: E-Learning For Out of Office Workers

GraduatesWhereas office workers might be sent on courses or receive on-site training, Out of Office workers are often responsible for their own professional education. MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are to education what OOO is to work; they allow you to time-shift and place-shift your learning. In this episode, Chris shares his experience with doing an online course using popular course provider Coursera.

Listen to the episode here:

Download the MP3 file here

Buy the book here (available at a reduced price for a limited time).


7 essentials for presenting virtually while you’re traveling

If you travel for work – and this is common for Digital Nomads, as well as for many other workers who travel for business – you might find yourself in the position of having to collaborate or present remotely with colleagues and clients. This can be a challenge when you’re using different technology than what you normally use in your working day.

Webinar expert Roger Courville has 7 tips for webinar presenters who have to present while on the road. These are useful not only for webinar presenters, but for other online collaboration – such as Skype, video conferencing and teleconferences:

  1. Plan ahead for a hard-wired connection
  2. Take an extra computer
  3. Test your connectivity…well in advance
  4. Travel with a VoIP headset
  5. Dial in your mobile phone as a second line
  6. Stabilize the microphone on your mobile phone earbuds
  7. Send a copy of your slides to someone else

Read the full article here.

A Month on the Road

We both spent time away from home over the last couple of months, so in this episode we share some of our experiences, including principles to help you plan your own business trips.

Listen to the episode here:

Download the MP3 file here

Buy the book here (available at a reduced price for a limited time).


Baxter Denney: No bandwidth? No worries!

One challenge faced by Digital Nomads is limited Internet access when travelling. This can come in the form of download caps imposed by your hotel’s Internet service or the expense associated with your mobile data plan when on the road. In Out of Office we describe how you can mitigate some of these problems by planning ahead. However, in some instances you have no choice other than to make do with limited access.

Baxter Denney writes in the Work Shifting blog about his travels in New Zealand, and describes how he work shifted with limited Internet bandwidth.

  • Download judiciously: for example, most email clients allow you to download headers (From, To, Subject etc) only, leaving the body of the message on the server. You can then decide which email messages are important enough to warrant downloading in full. This is one reason why we advocate using a full sentence as a subject line; to provide a meaningful summary of the message.
  • Meet sparingly: determine whether you can achieve the goals of a meeting without actually hooking up. If not then try a low-bandwidth channel like instant messaging.
  • Unplug and execute: disconnecting not only spares bandwidth but also eliminates interruptions and distractions.
  • Forget your status: give social networking and news Web sites a break – they can be bandwidth hungry. You’re on the road – use your free time to explore local attractions.

Read Baxter’s full article on the Work Shifting blog, and refer to the “Embrace the World” chapter of Out of Office for more.

10 Realities of Working From a Tropical Island

Although it might be every Digital Nomad’s dream to be working from an exotic tropical island, the reality might not live up to the hype! Sean Ogle has been doing this since 2009, and he shares his experiences in his candid blog post “10 Realities of Working From a Tropical Island”.

Don’t let this dissuade you from choosing a Digital Nomad lifestyle, though! It’s still possible, it just might take a bit more planning than you expect.

What’s the real cost of working and living in a place like Bali?

One of the benefits of being a Digital Nomad is that you don’t have to live and work in your own city or country. You can work from (almost) anywhere, including exotic locations like Bali, where you can live extremely well because of the exchange rate.

What’s the real cost of living in a place like Bali? One of our favourite Digital Nomads, Sean Ogle, gives us the low-down in this blog post, based on his own experiences. Well worth a read if you’re planning a working holiday there!

The Venice Experiment: A Year of Trial and Error Living Abroad

Barry Frangipane is the co-author of The Venice Experiment: A Year of Trial and Error Living Abroad.

In the video below Barry explains how he and his wife Debbie left the rat race and telecommuted to work from Venice, Italy. Barry gives tips on how you could do the same.

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