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How long can I sit in a coffee shop using their wi-fi?

Part of the pleasure of being a digital nomad is the ability to work from anywhere, and coffee shops are one of the most popular workplaces. However, digital nomads have to act respectfully in these environments. Claire Mason’s article about “Etiquette for freelancers and digital nomads” outlines some suggestions for behaving appropriately.

  • Keep your cables out of the way
  • Order food, not just coffee
  • Keep your phone calls private
  • Keep your papers to yourself
  • Smile and be friendly
  • Take headphones with you, and focus
  • Remember your charger
  • Have a specific task to complete

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Out of Office Workspaces

Working from home is the most common method of working away from an office, but it’s not the only option. In this episode, we consider four different workspaces for Out of Office workers: the home office, public places like cafes and clubs, co-working spaces, and on the road.

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New Tools for Out of Office Workers

If you’re working in a distributed team, you might already know about some of the more common tools and apps, such as Dropbox, Evernote, iCloud, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, Skype, Buffer, and Hootsuite. These are all wonderful tools, but there are also a whole host of other tools available. We’re going to share some of them today, so you know about them and can consider whether it’s worth integrating them into your workplace.

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  • HipChat: A chatroom application designed to help teams collaborate
  • Slack: Competitor to HipChat, with many of the same features
  • Sqwiggle: A simple chatroom aimed at distributed teams
  • IDoneThis: A simple tool for teams to share what they’ve achieved each day

Connecting with the world:

  • Zapier: Automate actions based on triggers
  • LinkedIn Pulse: Publish articles directly to LinkedIn
  • ContentGems: Serve up relevant articles in your area of interest

Creating Connected Distributed Teams

Often, people in distributed teams don’t have the same personal connections with remote team members as they have with people in the same office. This is natural, of course, but can be overcome. Creating better personal connections leads to more rewarding work, better collaboration, and higher productivity.

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Location Independence, by Paul Truant

Location independence is the idea – becoming more and more common – that you can live and work from anywhere, without being confined to a fixed office. This book is an overview of what it takes to set up such a lifestyle.

Location independence has two parts: physical freedom (which is now possible because of the Internet) and mental freedom. Truant starts by tackling the mental aspect – including the mindset you need. The book is broadly based on the idea of “geoarbitrage”, which put simply just means that you can live in countries with a lower cost of living, while earning money from customers outside that country. In other words, your money goes further. This can be a very effective lifestyle, provided you’re open to the idea of living elsewhere and embracing other cultures.

Because of this central idea of travel, most of the book describes what it takes to plan for moving to another country, but from the viewpoint of a location independent worker rather than a holidaymaker.

If you’re interested in pursuing this sort of lifestyle, this book would be an excellent starting point.

Buy the book from Amazon.com.

Jay Meistrich: How I Built a Startup While Traveling to 20 Countries

Watch the video below to learn about Jay Meistrich, a Digital Nomad who launched a tech startup while travelling to 20 countries. Jay lists four key lessons about his Digital Nomad work-style:

  • Travelling is cheaper than staying at home
  • Travelling makes me more productive
  • Nine to five is not optimal
  • Travelling expands my cultural bubble

You can read Jay’s article in full on Entrepreneur.com.

Coworking Could be an Option for Your Out of Office Work

Some (but not all) Out of Office workers struggle with the isolation and independence of working from home, without other people around them. There are many options to address this issue, and one of them is to use a “coworking space”, where many people come together to share a working space, without necessarily working together. In other words, they just share the physical space, but work independently.

Coworking is gaining popularity among business owners and entrepreneurs, who like the idea of a space where they can work independently but still have stimulating conversations with other like-minded people. But it’s also a feasible option for employees who work Out of Office, who like to work with others.

If you’re interested in this for your own work, this article “Coworking connects entrepreneurs through shared office spaces” introduces some of the basic ideas about coworking.

Mike Vardy: How To Be An Effective Road Warrior

Working while travelling is an intrinsic part of the Digital Nomad work style, so we provide lots of advice in the book on how to do so effectively and productively. Mike Vardy shares his personal tips for being an effective road warrior:

  • Travel measurably light
  • Keep running checklists
  • Set up boundaries
  • Leverage the commute

You can read Mike’s article in full on the Workshifting blog.

Dragos Roua: The 5 Fundamental Rules Of Working From Home

Digital Nomad, Dragos Roua, lists his five fundamental rules for working from home.

  • Setup a specific workspace
  • Split work into edible chunks
  • Work outside home
  • Go out
  • Thoroughly log each day

We advocate several of these ideas in our book, and have come to appreciate the benefits of the others since publication. It’s well worth reading Dragos’ article in full at Lifehack.

Three Other Out of Office Books

Three Out of Office BooksAs the Out of Office trend continues, more authors have been writing about this lifestyle. In this episode, we review three other books in this area and compare them to our book.

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The Three Books

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