Out of Office

Chris Pudney and Gihan Perera

About Chris

ChrisPudneyChris is a data visualization consultant and software developer. He helps clients gain insight into, and understanding from, their business data through the application of novel visualization techniques.

Chris is also an avid Internet technology enthusiast with more than 20 years experience using the Internet for fun and profit.

Chris has a PhD in Computer Science from The University of Western Australia. He has published several academic papers on the processing and visualization of scientific data.

About Gihan

GihanPereraGihan is a consultant, speaker and author who helps professional speakers, trainers, coaches, consultants, thought leaders and other business professionals to leverage their products, services and business practices – particularly on-line.

When he started his business in 1997, most of his clients were outside Perth, so he travelled a lot to meet clients and to conduct workshops and seminars. Although the work was enjoyable, the travel was exhausting. Now he delivers the same material from the comfort of his home office using webinars, discussion forums, Skype and other Internet technology.

This is the latest of his published books, which include others in the area of on-line strategy, effective webinars, marketing and writing.

Why We Wrote This Book

We first met in 1986 – a quarter of a century ago – while studying Computer Science at the University of Western Australia, and have remained friends ever since. Although our professional paths have diverged, both of us have found ourselves working in Out of Office environments, although in very different ways.

Gihan runs his own Web design and consulting business, based in his home town of Perth but with most of his clients elsewhere. This gives him flexibility with both working hours and location.

Chris works as a contractor, developing software for a multinational company with employees located throughout the world. He works remotely, full-time from his home in Perth.

We both use some Internet-based tools to operate our Out of Office environments – for example:

  • Skype and mobile phones for telephone calls, conference calls and video conferencing
  • IM (instant messaging) and SMS for short messages
  • The eFax service to send and receive faxes by e-mail
  • On-line meeting software to conduct remote meetings
  • Webinar software for making presentations
  • Discussion forums, blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ for connecting with other professionals
  • Google Docs and wikis for collaborating on documents

As a result of moving to these Out of Office environments, we now both enjoy the work style – and lifestyle – of our choice. We’d like you to be able to say the same!