Out of Office

The Future of Learning

In the past, the most common development choice was a training course, but now there are many other options. And, of course, Out of Office workers aren’t always able to come in to the office for training courses with the rest of the team.

Besides, the traditional training course isn’t always the best option anyway, even if it’s easy to do. By tapping into a variety of ways to accelerate learning in your organisation, you cater to individual needs, build on existing knowledge, and create exponential learning.

I covered this topic recently in a webinar, which will help you go beyond the traditional training course as a tool for learning and development.

The Future Proof Webinar Series

This is a webinar from my Future Proof webinar series, which will keep you in touch with our future – what’s ahead, what it means for us, and how to stay ahead of the game.

Register here

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