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25 Reasons to Let Your Employees Work Out Of Office

25 Reasons to Let Your Employees Work Out Of Office

If you’re a leader or manager wondering whether to allow some of your team to work away from the office, we’ll give you 25 reasons why it might be the right thing to do – for you, them, and your future success.

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The 25 Reasons

Improve Productivity

People are more productive working from home, despite the fear they will slack off.

  1. No more commutes
    Australians spend 4.4 hours a week commuting

  2. Fewer interruptions and distractions
  3. Fewer sick days
    They even work when they’re sick!

Improve Work Flows/Performance

  1. Meetings become more efficient
  2. Collaboration is improved
  3. Deferred communication reduces wasted time
  4. You can operate 24/7

Happier, Healthier Workers

  1. They are happier
    You’re 87% more likely to love your job if you work from home

  2. And healthier
  3. They suffer less stress
    82% of telecommuters report they have lower stress since they started telecommuting

Talent Management

  1. Not restricted by location
  2. Freelance talent markets open up
  3. Employees want it
    70% of workers would rather telecommute than work in an office
    GWA suggests this number is higher

  4. Attract Gen Ys
  5. Be competitive
  6. Keep them when their personal circumstances change
  7. Help them move
  8. Keep Gen Ys
  9. Keep experienced workers

Lower Costs

  1. Office costs
    GWA has an online calculator

  2. HR costs

Fit for the Future

  1. Natural fit for the skills of the future
    The Institute of the Future has identified 10 key skills of the future

  2. You’re preparing yourself for future distributed work
  3. You become a better leader
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