Out of Office

Study From Home Days Prepare Students for Working Out Of Office

It’s good to see a few schools are preparing their students for Out Of Office work by introducing work from home days. A handful of high schools in the US schedule “virtual days” when students login to school from home. In spite of a few teething problems and initial resistance, the work from home days are preparing students for life after high school when study and work will be done remotely.

This article in EdWeek describes the experience and suggests tips for educators interested in running work from home days:

  • Use a common learning-management system
  • Students tend to respond best to “synchronous” lessons that allow for real-time communication and interaction
  • Professional development and plenty of advanced preparation time is a must for teaching staff
  • Ensure students have Internet access
  • Help parents understand what you’re doing and why

Read the full article in EdWeek.

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