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6 Ways Work Will Change In 2016

As 2015 draws to a close, organisations are planning for the new year and beyond. What will 2016 hold for Out Of Office workers and distributed teams? Jared Lindzon looks at six emerging trends that he predicts will have an impact in the coming year:

  • Remote-First Businesses: enabled by advancements in communication technology, the remote-first structure provides significant advantages over traditional organisational hierarchies.
  • The Rise Of Independent Consultants: highly specialised consultants, who were previously only found in large consulting firms, are moving to the freelance market.
  • Less PowerPoint, More Video: the cost of producing video and motion graphics has fallen significantly, ushering in a shift away from static presentations to more dynamic formats.
  • Work-Life Balance, Revisited: a shift to work-life integration. Organisations will need to focus on making work more meaningful and rewarding for their workers.
  • New Leadership Expectations: leaders will be expected to be more inspirational, collaborative, and results-focused.
  • Consumer-Grade Design as the New Normal: good design is valued when selling products to consumers. It must be similarly valued in the tools and systems used by teams and workers.

Read more at FastCompany.com.

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