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How One CEO Transformed His Business to Embrace Workshifting

Most of the discussion about Out of Office work focusses on individuals and their teams. It’s rare that the Out of Office conversation encompasses the entire way of doing business, but there are reasons why that might be a conversation worth having.

Douglas Wendt, the CEO of consulting business Wendt Partners, did exactly that, transforming his business from a traditional style to a more Out of Office style. He says:

“We had to change how we did business and become more flexible in every way. In other words, embracing flexible work led us to become a better company. If we had stayed with a traditional work model, we would have stayed with a traditional business model — and neither would have been the right move. This is, in my experience, the true benefit of workshifting for the CEO: It allows you to create a more dynamic, responsive, market-focused company by attracting and supporting a more dynamic, responsive, market-focused workforce.”

This is an extract from a thoughtful article he wrote about the way he transformed the business – and why he thinks it’s essential now to at least consider it seriously.

Read the full article here.

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