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Allowing BYOD For Your Out of Office Workers

Allowing BYOD For Your Out of Office WorkersIf you’re managing a team that includes Semi-Commuters (part-time telecommuters), they might ask for permission to use their portable equipment (laptops, phones or tablets) in the workplace. This is known as “Bring Your Own Device”, or BYOD. It’s not unique to Out of Office work, of course, but it’s more common there for your part-time telecommuters.

This article “4 Ways Startups Can Leverage Employee-Owned Tech” considers some of the pros and cons of BYOD for your organisation. Although its title says it’s directed at startup companies, the ideas apply to everybody.

Read the full article here.

Every organisation is different, of course. So you’ll have to adapt these ideas to your own. As the article itself says:

“It’s important to note that the preferences and cultures of each company are different, so use your own needs as a guideline to developing a BYOD system that works for you.”

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