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8 Easy Ways to Organise Meetings with In-Person and Online Attendees

Hybrid meetingsThe technology for online meetings has advanced to the stage where many organizations see them as a viable alternative to in-person meetings, conferences and other events. This is especially important for Out of Office workers, for whom online meetings are the most convenient, productive and feasible option.

However, there are still concerns that online meetings don’t provide the same benefits as their in-person equivalents. The good news is that this doesn’t have to be an either-or proposition. Organizations, meeting planners and conference organizers can get the best of both worlds by combining virtual and in-person meetings.

I recently published a blog post for Citrix on this topic, with ideas for ways to organise meetings with both in-person and online attendees.

Hybrid meetings, no matter if they are webinars, trainings, or conferences, reduce travel expenses for remote members and dispersed organizations, extend the reach of the meeting, capture knowledge and insights for future reference, increase workplace flexibility, and allow participants to interact in different ways. If you’re already conducting online meetings and events, look for opportunities to turn them into hybrid events. It’s not just the way of the future – it’s right here and now.

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