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7 essentials for presenting virtually while you’re traveling

If you travel for work – and this is common for Digital Nomads, as well as for many other workers who travel for business – you might find yourself in the position of having to collaborate or present remotely with colleagues and clients. This can be a challenge when you’re using different technology than what you normally use in your working day.

Webinar expert Roger Courville has 7 tips for webinar presenters who have to present while on the road. These are useful not only for webinar presenters, but for other online collaboration – such as Skype, video conferencing and teleconferences:

  1. Plan ahead for a hard-wired connection
  2. Take an extra computer
  3. Test your connectivity…well in advance
  4. Travel with a VoIP headset
  5. Dial in your mobile phone as a second line
  6. Stabilize the microphone on your mobile phone earbuds
  7. Send a copy of your slides to someone else

Read the full article here.

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