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Natalya Sabga: Can the Terms Leader and Workshifter Coexist?

Can the manager of a team work Out of Office?

The answer seems obvious: if team members can be managed effectively when they work Out of Office then their manager ought to be able to lead her team from Out of Office too.

Natalya Sabga lists the traits needed to manage effectively from Out of Office:

  • Know Your Team: different team members will require different management styles
  • Be Consistent: establish clear communication channels, so your team members know when and how to contact you (see the Cooperate With Them chapter of Out Of Office)
  • Be Patient: accommodate team members who might not have the same flexibility as you (see the Accommodate Them chapter of Out Of Office)
  • Maintain the Standard: out of sight, does not mean out of mind; a buddy system can help
  • Be Present: schedule some face time, especially for office-bound colleagues
  • Celebrate Success: reward your team when goals are achieved

Read Natalya’s article in full on the Work Shifting blog.

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