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Baxter Denney: No bandwidth? No worries!

One challenge faced by Digital Nomads is limited Internet access when travelling. This can come in the form of download caps imposed by your hotel’s Internet service or the expense associated with your mobile data plan when on the road. In Out of Office we describe how you can mitigate some of these problems by planning ahead. However, in some instances you have no choice other than to make do with limited access.

Baxter Denney writes in the Work Shifting blog about his travels in New Zealand, and describes how he work shifted with limited Internet bandwidth.

  • Download judiciously: for example, most email clients allow you to download headers (From, To, Subject etc) only, leaving the body of the message on the server. You can then decide which email messages are important enough to warrant downloading in full. This is one reason why we advocate using a full sentence as a subject line; to provide a meaningful summary of the message.
  • Meet sparingly: determine whether you can achieve the goals of a meeting without actually hooking up. If not then try a low-bandwidth channel like instant messaging.
  • Unplug and execute: disconnecting not only spares bandwidth but also eliminates interruptions and distractions.
  • Forget your status: give social networking and news Web sites a break – they can be bandwidth hungry. You’re on the road – use your free time to explore local attractions.

Read Baxter’s full article on the Work Shifting blog, and refer to the “Embrace the World” chapter of Out of Office for more.

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