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How to Stay Motivated While Working From Home

Staying motivated whilst working Out Of Office can be a struggle for some people, and is a topic we address in the book. So, I was interested to read an article in MNN providing five ideas on how to stay motivated when working from home:

  • Communicate often: Expect that there will be information you will miss when working remotely, and assume extra responsibility to get and give frequent updates.
  • Routine: Find a way to start your day that mimics what you need to do to get started in an office. Find something you can do before you begin. It will help you get going quickly.
  • Location: A dedicated location with a door you can close is a must. With your desk or table in your dedicated room, go to your workspace, close the door behind you and get to work.
  • Structure time: Track the time you spend on specific tasks and projects.
  • Keep work and home separated: Save home tasks for lunch time, or before and after work, just like you would in the office. Take care to put away work tools, change location and find a way to shift gears so you protect your time at home too.

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