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Creating a Home Office On a Shoestring Budget

One of the recurring themes in Out Of Office is Create Space, which covers topics such as setting up a home office. The Telecommuting Journal has published a useful article that tackles creating a home office for the budget-conscious Out Of Office worker.

Before spending any money the article suggests that you first define your office needs and your office space. Having done so you can set about creating your home office. Five ideas are provided for doing this on a tight budget:

  • Re-purposing: re-use or recycle existing furniture and equipment that is gathering dust in the garage or basement.
  • Swapping: try swapping unwanted items for something you need.
  • Craigs List, Classifieds & Goodwill Shops: search on-line and print classified advertisements or visit local second-hand shops.
  • Custom Build: you don’t have to be a craftsman to assemble furniture from odds-and-ends. Ask for advice from the staff at your local hardware store.
  • Recruit the Kids: involve your children (if you have any) so you can teach them about your work and educate them about the rules of your workspace. They can also have great ideas.

Read the full article for all the details.

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