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Better, Faster, Stronger: Productivity Using the Cloud

We're bombarded with more information than ever before. We’ve always had to manage the flow of information through our “pipeline”, by (a) filtering what comes in, (b) processing it more efficiently and (c) doing more with it. The Cloud can play an important part now, in two key ways: If information is not already in the Cloud we can store it there before processing it; and if we publish information to the Cloud as soon as possible (without hoarding it on our hard disks), we free up the overload and make it usable by others sooner.

In this podcast, we discuss a number of the tools we use for managing our personal productivity using the Cloud – including Gmail, Google Docs, Dropbox, Evernote, Kindle, Ubuntu1, YouTube, and Read It Later.

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Here’s an overview of the principles we discuss:

Broadly, we talk about these things:

  1. Choose what comes in:
    What? (Fill Depth): Choose whether to get overview, detailed or somewhere in between
    How? (Switch Channel): Choose between reading, watching, listening

  2. Choose how you process it:
    When? (Shift Time): File in the Cloud for consuming later
    Where? (Keep Space): File in the Cloud for consuming anywhere

  3. Choose where you publish: Use the Internet as your filing system – e.g. blog, tweet
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